Church of the Divine Child Dearborn MI (USA)




Extensive repairs were necessary on the historic peal of bells, originally installed in the now demolished church of St. Casimir in Detroit MI.   Badly damaged automation was replaced and/or repaired.   The rope pulley on the largest bell was removed, restored and returned after extensive failures to existing welds.   A cracked clapper was restored and extensive regulation performed on the existing motor systems.   The restoration work in this case being far more economical than outright replacement of all equipment, HME was selected as the most reliable, prompt and logical service provider as well and now holds an annual maintenance contract for the facility.  

All of our clients, as in the case here, have come to discover that we offer a cost competitive solution, 10% discounted parts for repair or restoration for any clients who hold annual maintenance contracts , historically informed restoration techniques and unique new technological solutions for sounding swinging bells.   As with all church bells not hung stationary to begin with, HME is fully committed to maintaining the necessary distinction of church bells as swinging bells to be equipped with secondary stationary tolling hammers.   The magical sound of a swinging peal, both in terms of volume of sound and musical interest, simply cannot be achieved in any other way.  Much of our business continues to come from clients dissatisfied with the musical results and damage to the bells caused stationary ringing systems sold by competitors.  


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