HET MOLENPAD EXPERTISE (HME) is committed to providing our clients worldwide with superior service in the arts of restoration, reconstruction, research, fabrication and maintenance for all carillons and clockworks. We believe that the preservation of these, the campanological arts, requires an extensive knowledge of and acute sensitivity for historic instruments as well as the ability to be innovate problem solvers when designing new instruments. In our firm, time honored traditions of craftsmanship appear side by side with the most modern of technology- a unique partnership which makes us stand out from our competition.

Of course, all of these values must be balanced against the usual base-line criteria of durability, functionality, project budget limitations, high-quality materials, and ease of maintenance. If you share our belief that the other criteria are also important - those that affect the way in which people respond to an instrument musically and aesthetically as well as the way in which a design is perceived to be successful in its environment- then we believe that you will be interested in knowing more about HME and our services.

We are eager to work with our clients in developing creative solutions to meet their unique needs. Additionally, we welcome opportunities to engage local communities in participatory workshops that are structured to address citizens' awareness level and help develop interest in your project. Together, we can make your vision a reality.

We encourage prospective clients to contact our references as a first step in confirming that we are committed to excellence and that we stand out from our competitors. HME is committed to ensuring that your project will result in an instrument of unparalleled excellence which will serve its mission for many decades to come.


Het Molenpad Expertise